Board of Directors

Christian Briggs


Mr. Christian Briggs co-founded Cinsay Inc. (“Cinsay”) in 2007, which is engaged in the development of an interactive advertising, marketing and e-commerce video platform. From 2009 to 2016, Mr. Briggs served as Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer Cinsay. While Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Briggs raised in excess of $130 million of institutional and venture capital funds to build out the online interactive video platform. In addition, Mr. Briggs was the leading intellectual property scientist, where he worked directly with the company’s intellectual property team and its attorneys in both the United States and overseas.

Leslie Ball

Chief Executive Officer

Leslie Ball is the sole member of our board of directors and is our Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ball has served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cinsay, Inc. since 2009. Before that, Mr. Ball was the Chief Executive Officer and president of Corral West Ranchwear. Under his guidance, the company became one of the largest retailers of western and workware and grew to 140 locations in the United States. At Montgomery Ward Corporation, Mr. Ball was President of Softgoods and Foreign Offices as well as Executive Vice President, where he headed its apparel business. His retail experience also encompasses another 22 years in various executive roles at R.H. Macy, Inc., including President of Macy's East, President of Macy's Wholesale, President of Macy's South, and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Macy's Midwest. Mr. Ball attended the Detroit Institute of Technology.

Mike Aujla


Mr. Aujla joined the board of directors of Chemesis International Inc. in July 2018. He is a founding partner of Hunter West Legal Recruitment (“HWLR”) and has worked at HWLR since its inception in October 2017. Prior to working at HWLR, Mr. Aujla was working on a property development project from April 2016 until December 2017, a period during which he was required to observe his non-compete from the legal recruitment industry. Prior to starting the property development project, Mr. Aujla was a Client Partner at ZSA Legal Recruitment and worked there from May 2011 until October 2016.

Edgar Montero


Mr. Montero has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Chemesis since July 2018. For the past five years Mr. Montero has also been the Chief Executive Officer of Natural Ventures, where he has been heavily immersed in the initiation of the medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico. 

Aman Parmar


Mr. Parmar has served as a director of Chemesis since July 2018. Previously, Mr. Parmar was a director of Isodiol International Inc. From May 2017 through November 2018 and a director of Vanc Pharmaceutical Inc. From December 2014 through December 2015. Additionally, Mr. Parmar has served as the General Manager of Haraman Development Inc. since February 2011.